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About Us

About Us

Advocate Himanshu Sharma

is a law firm in Gurugram, founded in the year 2010 . Since the beginning, the main theme of Advocate Himanshu Sharma ,the founder of the said firm was to serve as a single-window legal service provider i.e. Advocates, solicitors and also as a Legal Consultant in this dynamic commercial environment. The said law firm brought its services to the table with a team of committed and dedicated professional Advocates and Lawyers in Gurugram, who are specialist in their respective fields of practice of Law in Gurugram and pursued a philosophy of symbiotic relationships with litigants

Our Advocates and Lawyers are drafters of the highest kind and are experts in drafting complaints, petitions, deeds and all kinds of contracts and agreements etc. and are highly competent in negotiating reviewing and structuring all kinds of agreements, deeds and contracts. It is pertinent to mention here that the success rate of our Advocates is best in India than others in the field of law. We are one of the top leading legal firms in Gurugram handling cases i Gurugram, Noida, and Delhi as well as all over India. Our clients belong to various sectors of commerce and industry, and include multinational corporations, public sector bodies and entrepreneurs. We have a substantive international presence, and through our immense network we are able to provide proactive and efficient service to our clients with international business.

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